About Us

As human beings, we want to assign value to the goals we pursue. We prefer to believe that our actions have a purpose. This goal is crucial to our well-being because it is via these life experiences that we develop and learn.

Professional and Expert Cab service provider

Originally based in Pune, GK Cabs provides the best cab services across India. We always strive for excellence in our work culture. We are located in Pune city, part of the Western Ghats. Western Ghats is the epitome of scenic beauty and panoramic landscapes. This region is full of biodiversity and natural heritage. As a result, it attracts tourists and travellers. So, they are always searching for cabs and this is where, as a local brand, we come into the picture.

We provide luxurious experiences to make your journey a memorable moment. Through our best-in-class services, we establish a strong bond with the customers. Our customer policy revolves around value-added services. Because we all know, ‘Customer Bhagavan Hota hai’. 

Our Core Values

We learn priceless life lessons about ourselves and the world around us when we follow our passions. Hence, we stick to our 3C values – Customer, Credibility, and Commitment.


Our work process revolves around the customers. When it comes to our services, we constantly strive for excellence. We prioritise developing a solid rapport with each of our clients. We are devoted to paying attention to our customers since we understand that they are the reason for our commercial success.


Building and enhancing Credibility is a constant effort at GK Cabs. We constantly strive to improve our knowledge and abilities. We maintain our familiarity with industry trends and our depth of knowledge in this way. All evolution and workable plans are built on the fervent spirit of innovation and transformation.


One of our core beliefs that supports enduring and mutually beneficial relationships is commitment. People with high emotional intelligence are better able to establish healthy relationships and are more likely to keep their commitments. We see our services in this way and follow our commitments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding services to our customers. Giving them an unforgettable and memorable trip with services that will be far above their expectations. With this goal in mind, we hope to establish ourselves as “Your Preferred Travel Agency.” Our primary goal is to provide exceptional service to all of our clients and making their journey as cost-effective as possible.

Our Vision

Vision: Our vision is to become the most sought-after travelling agency in the country. With the ever-increasing quality and trust in our customers, we are growing rapidly and planning for the extended services. We are establishing our business in the market among the greatest tourism firms in India, being known for our professionalism and high-quality services because we are the inventors, leaders, and creative minds in the travel concepts.

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